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The Chris Brant Award is the very best kind of honest mud-on-boots award. And that's why over the years it's become the industry's most desirable accolade, attracting countless nominations for the widest range of people.

And its why winning it means so much to its recipients, most of whom never — not in their wildest dreams — think of themselves as award-winning material.

Those who win the Chris Brant Award are not a bit special — they're very, very special because it means their peers in the industry have recognised all the graft they've put in over the years, without the slightest expectation of praise.

And the fact we get so many nominations every year is testament to the number of outstanding people in this outstanding industry.

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More about the industry's premier award

You don't have to be a time-served establishment worthy or a committee-room cowboy to be an industry hero. National Pig Association's 20-year-old Chris Brant Award isn't about any of that.

Look elsewhere for an award that recognises those who do good works at the top of the industry tree, keeping their noses clean throughout their illustrious careers.

No doubt it's right and proper such characters get recognised. But it's not what the Chris Brant Award is for. With this award, we recognise the industry's honest-to-goodness grassroots heroes.

You can be deeply intemperate for all the judges care. (Just look at our previous winners.) And you may comprehensively shun diplomatic niceties. But you do consistently go the extra mile for this industry through good times and bad.

You probably speak out when there's an elephant in the room that everyone else is too embarrassed to mention. And you probably cock a snook at authority from time to time.

But if you're a real grass-roots hero, grafting away at the coalface, then the Chris Brant Award judges are very interested in you.

Chris Brant himself never won any awards for diplomacy nor did many of our other winners. The likes of Cusson, French, Longthorp, Lister, Crabtree, Henley and Rowbottom can be prickly characters at times, but this industry would be in a sorry state without them.

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